8 Crossbody Bags That You Need Right Now by Mermaid Rock

Are you someone who loves to wear things that give you something to talk about? Something that can express your style, inner soul and speak for itself? The Purses and Crossbody Bags collection by Mermaid Rock will have people asking you, "Where did you get that?!"


1. The Pink Unicorn Purse

pink unicorn purse

The Pink Unicorn Purse has a white face, pink mane and shiny, silver horn, not to mention its beautiful blue eyes. With a chain link crossbody strap, this purse is fashionable and cute to add a little pastel magic to your outfit. Plus, unicorns are so in right now. 

 Purchase here for only $40.


2. The Seashell Purse

seashell purse

The Seashell Purse is a staple item for any Mermaid or lover of the sea. It's the perfect size to hold everything you need for a night out. The chain link crossbody strap keeps the design simple and cute! The Seashell Purse comes in Pink or Silver. 

Purchase here  for only $40.


3. The Butterfly Wings Backpack Purse

Butterfly Wings Backpack Purse

One of the most popular in the Mermaid Rock purses and crossbody bags collection, because, duh! It's irridescent AND it has wings. So, it's not at all a crossbody bag, but it was too cute to leave out of this list!  Not only can you fit everything you need for a rave, festival, theme park, night out, you name it, it just screams cute. The Butterfly Backpack comes in Pink, Gold and Silver, but all reflect the colors of the rainbow....like magic! It also comes in Black, if that's your thing too. 

 Purchase here for only $45.


4. The Rainbow Purse

Rainbow Purse

Whats the best way to add some color to your outfit? Add a rainbow, literally. The Rainbow Purse is a cute way to add fun and color with a statement. It will put you in a good mood just by looking at it. Who doesn't like rainbows? The Rainbow Purse comes in Pink or Silver with a chain link crossbody strap. 

 Purchase here for only $40.


5. The Unicorn Tears Purse

Unicorn Tears Purse

The Unicorn Tears Purse is a fun, and quirky statement peice for everyone with a unicorn soul, or just a whimsy soul in general. It's uniquely designed to look like a cup with a red, bendy straw, like you're casually just sipping on unicorn tears. The Unicorn Tears Purse comes in Silver, Pink, Black or Gold. 

 Purchase here for only $40.


6. The Bad Bitch Fuel Purse

A sassy purse isn't for everyone, but if you can rock a gas tank that says Bad Bitch Fuel, well, you're one bad bitch. The tank itself is decked out with either silver or gold glitter with a hot pink label. The best part of the purse is the meter that shows how full, exactly, your bad bitch level is. Feeling bitchy? Move that needle to full, put on your lipstick and rock the night. 

 Purchase here for only $40.


7. The Little Black Magic Book Purse

Little Black Magic Book Purse

The Little Black Magic Book Purse comes in Black or White because it's not meant to be colorful. It's literally telling people, "I have soul that could crush you if I decide to," and we are totally all about it it. Or, I guess it says you like magic, palm reading, crystals or ouija boards. But, the first one is more fun. The gold chain link strap keeps this Little Black (or white, I suppose) Magic Book close by your side and read to cast a spell on all your haters.  

 Purchase here for only $40. 

8. The Purple Unicorn Purse

Purple Unicorn Purse

The Purple Unicorn Purse is sparkly from head to... wait it is just the head. A glittery face, purple mane, and a silver horn with a touch of pink in the cheeks and ears. This purse is, simply put, ADORABLE. With a chain link crossbody strap, The Purple Unicorn Purse is minimal, yet so extra. 

 Purchase here for only $40.


All items from 8 Crossbody Bags That You Need Right Now are available online at Mermaid Rock under the Purses and Crossbody Bags Collection tab.